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Social River

My journey to find #WorkThatWorks and to create Social River

Today I want to talk about motherhood as a source of power and change. About this immense and inexplicable love that I feel for my children and that gives me the energy to reinvent myself, my career and anything else that might be necessary.

And I will reinvent myself because right now my children are my priority, but it doesn’t mean I no longer have space for dreams and passions (I do! lots of space in fact).

My passion for writing and communication led me here, to Social River. And I am very excited about starting this journey. A bit scared too, I must confess. But is not a “bad” fear, the one that stops you from moving ahead. It is not pachad; it is yirah. I came across this concept in an amazing book I am reading from Tara Mohr.

The Hebrew Bible uses two different words for fear. Pachad is the fear of projected and imagined things. Yirah is a different kind of fear: it is the feeling that overcomes us when we inhabit a larger space than we are used to. Oh! It is the feeling we experience when we come into possession of more energy than we had before. This is what I am feeling: this energy and this space that seems to be almost sacred.


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