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5 essentials tips for writing great copy for your website or social media

Think your copy is not right? Not really engaging with your audience? Here I share 5 top tips I learnt after almost 20 years of writing.


I have been writing my whole life. And one thing I can tell you for sure: a positive mindset is an indispensable first step in getting your copy right.

Get in the right mindset before sitting down to write your copy. Adopt an optimistic and confident attitude, and this will be reflected in your copy. If you are doubtful or miserable, this will also reflect in your copy. So, what do you think is the best approach?

Buddha said:

“What we think, we become.”

I would add:

“What we think, we write.”


Research is essential for content writing. I don’t believe in good writing without good research. And I think that I am good at writing because I have asked so many questions in my life, I have done so much research about so many different themes that, somehow, it became part of whom I am now.

The research will help you define the next two points listed here: know your audience and what you actually want to say.

Know your audience

How do you possibly want to engage with your audience if you don’t know what “engaging” means to them? And when I say audience, I mean anyone you are trying to connect with: clients, potential clients, past customers, contributors? Before writing your copy, you first need to define who you are trying to reach to then research their pain points, their doubts, their needs, their fears. And super important: research also the words they are using to describe these pain points or needs. Try always to use the same vocabulary your audience is using. Talk to them, speak their language.

Know what you want to say

It might seem obvious, but you would be amazed by how many times I have seen people trying to put too many ideas or concepts in one single Facebook post. It doesn’t work that way. In a busy and chaotic online world, simplicity is key, and to achieve simplicity, you must know precisely what you want to say. What is the main idea you want to transmit? Define it and then stick to it.

Not working? The power of contemplation

You have applied all that and still is not happy with the copy you have in hands. My advice: give it some time. Go for a walk or a run. Stop for a while and contemplate the world around you. Ideas will probably spark. At that moment, go back to your desk and write.

If you are still not sure about your copy and need some help, get in touch. Writing is my passion. For me, it is a pleasure and this joy is reflected in my copy. My email is


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