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An Introduction To The Superpower of Google Ads

Looking for the opportunity to be right in front of your customers when they are looking for businesses just like yours? That is the power of Google Ads.

Google has become a kind of modern oracle. You don’t know the answer: no problem, ask Google. People rely on Google to find different types of information: products, services, prices, reviews. Their research on Google is part of their buying journey.

And Google is making more than US$ 70 billions (you read it right: billions) every year because more and more business owners are discovering the power of being just a click away from a person that is willing to buy and, more importantly, when they are willing to buy.


PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing where you don’t pay for being visible to your customer. You only pay if they decide to click on the link and visit your website. You don’t pay for impressions; you only pay for the click.

The Heartbeat of Google Ads

Then you might ask: but how do I know which is the right click? The click that I really want to pay for? We invest a lot of time in understanding your business, your customer and their decision journey in order to translate all that into a magnificent list of keywords.

Keywords are the heartbeat of any campaign you launch using Google’s platform. They are going to tell Google when your Ad is relevant for the kind of search performed because you don’t want to be there available to anyone, you want to be there, just a click away from your ideal client or customer.

And just as important as the keywords, it is to go through your negative keywords. Basically, negative keywords tell Google what search queries are not relevant to your business. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, you want the click from somebody looking for digital marketing services. But you certainly don’t want to pay Google for the click from somebody looking for a “job” in digital marketing. Got it?

Organically & Ads

The thing is: you don’t need to choose. In fact, we advise business owners to keep investing in being found organically on Google. But this competition is getting harder and harder. And even if you are able to reach the top of page organically, Ads from competitors can still come first if they have a pro like us behind their Ads, that has done an amazing keyword research.

Usually, now, the first three options Google gives a user that performed a search are Ads, and the only detail that differentiates organic from paid click is the little “Ad” written next to the link. A detail that most users don’t even pay attention to.

Why You Need A Pro Like Us?

Google Ads is amazing, but it is not an easy platform to navigate. Google has some much data and so much power that you will be amazed by the kind of detailed information and targeting you can reach in the platform.

But you need to know your way around it. With the “idea” of making your life easier, Google has automated a lot of different options for users that want to create an Ad but don’t know the platform so well.

But my top advice is to stay away from all the different opportunities Google gives you to automate your campaign. You might save time, but you will blow up your Ad budget with keywords and goals that don’t really translate the products or services you are there to offer.

If you understand the Google Ads platform and have clear goals, you want autonomy.

Autonomy in the decisions you are making is going to be your greatest ally when it comes to achieving great results on Google Ads.


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