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Nathalia Fernandes

Before I tell you more about my background and previous experience, let me tell you first why writing is such a fundamental part of my life.

Since early childhood, I have been carrying around with me my notebooks. Back then, they gave me a sense of security: I could trust them any thought. I could “talk” to a blank page in a way I couldn’t talk to most of the people around me. Today my notebooks are still always with me. But no longer to give me confidence. They are always here because, during these years, I have learned to accept and truly embrace my love for writing and storytelling.

I have worked as a journalist for almost 20 years in different countries, writing in different languages. I have worked for BBC and Reuters, writing about a vast range of subjects: financial markets, art, health, lifestyle, etc. Having been “a jack of all trades” forced me to be a very flexible professional. After proper research and, if possible, some interviews, I am comfortable to say that I can write about anything.

11 years ago, I came to London to study my Master’s Degree at the creative and thought-provoking Goldsmiths College (University of London). I was awarded a full Chevening scholarship, the UK government’s international programme aimed at developing global leaders. London then became my home, quite far away from the place where I was born. I got married and had my children here.

After the birth of my first child, I quit my job as Senior TV News Producer, but I kept working as a freelance Tech Writer for IDG Connect, part of the IDG Group. During this time, I also wrote a book (to be published very soon) and extended my knowledge of Social Media by completing the six months intensive training Marketing Associate Programme with Digital Mums.

My international experience has also awakened my love for languages. I fancy the idea of reading Ernest Hemingway, José Saramago or Gabriel García Márquez in their original language: English, Portuguese and Spanish, respectively.

I am fully bilingual in English and Portuguese and I am very comfortable in adapting and translating content from Spanish to English.