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Like a lot of things in life, I think the key to a successful headshot session is to find the right balance: the right balance between proper research and following that gut feeling. The right balance between rational and emotional. The right balance between planning ahead and having fun at the moment. Suddenly things start moving faster and faster with my business

Do you see this glass as half empty or half full? A good social media strategy will focus on and highlight your half full, adopting always an optimistic perspective. It doesn't mean creating a reality that doesn't exist. Being honest is essential for any successful marketing campaign. But when you look into this picture, both assumptions are true: the glass is indeed half

Embrace this little cute symbol and let your ideas fly. Hashtags allow you to send your message further. They allow people to find content that otherwise they wouldn’t probably find. So, don't be shy: use them. As long as the hashtag is relevant to your post, it is relevant to your audience as well. Do a good research on each social platform you are