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Content Creation and Copywriting:

You give your customers information, and they give you back their time and attention, quite a precious asset in our busy world.
Maybe you don’t have the time to write a new blog post, or you need a sharp document to present to one of your clients. And you need it quickly. I love writing, always did and I have been writing about very different subjects for the last 20 years: art, tech, economy, lifestyle, media, etc. First as a journalist, now as a copywriter. I am sure I can help you.

I have different packages and options available, so please do get in touch to know more.

Social Media Daily Management:

On the front line, 7 days a week to ensure that your platforms are being noticed no matter when.
With me, you will get the results that usually you can only achieve with a team of different professionals. You will get a copywriter, a designer and a researcher to ensure that we are creating the best content for your platforms and constantly engaging with the right audience.

1:1 Social Media Training:

If you wish to run your own social media platforms but need guidance, I can provide you with a bespoke training tailored for you and your business. During the session, we will discuss your goals, and then I will highlight the most significant bits of information about each platform. I will also show you the best tools for content creation and how to use them.

Right after the session, I will send a document with everything we discussed – super useful in case you forget something or is just not so sure about it.


1:1 training for 2 hours with a final document with the main points discussed for £250

If you need help setting-up your channels, I can help you get started on Social Media. For more info and a quote, please get in touch by email or call me 07748 707571.

Social Media Audit and Strategy:

It is about assessing the current performance of your platforms and only then designing a Social Media Strategy in line with your goals and ambitions.
Using interview techniques, I will get to know you and your business, and I will use all my expertise to plan a strong and effective strategy that will transmit your values while generating the buzz needed to stand out in such a noisy online world.

Get in touch for a quote.
(Prices will change reflecting the number of platforms assessed)

Want to have it all?

Or not sure of what to have?

No worries, this is part of our job and we can help you with this decision.

Get in touch so we can book a chat and understand together what your business needs.